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Terms and Conditions

Ticketyboo Boarding Kennels



This is a contract between the proprietior of the Ticketyboo Boarding Kennels (‘TBK’) and the Owner mentioned in part A.

2. Owner Warranties and Acknowledgement

(a) The Owner warrants that;-

  • he/she is the owner of the dog/s mentioned in part B.
  • all information provided in Parts A and B is true and correct.
  • the person listed as the Emergency Contact in Part A has the Owner’s authority to give instructions about treatment for the dog if the Owner is not contactable.

(b) The Owner acknowledges that, in an open range or kennel environment, dogs may occasionally fight; and although immunised and treated for fleas and ticks, some dogs may carry contagious diseases (such as, but not limited to the kennel cough), without displaying symptoms of the same, which may be transmitted to other dogs.

(c) The Owner acknowledges that, in an open range or kennel environment, dogs may occasionally lose weight.

3. Condition of Dog on Arrival

(a) All dogs must have a current C5 vaccination, (vaccinations must be current to within 2 week after dog departing PPM and must be administered at least 10 days prior to arrival at TBK) a certificate of which must be produced to TBK on arrival at the latest. TBK will refuse to take any dog without production of this certificate.

(b)All dogs must be treated for fleas and ticks with either of frontline, Advantage or Revolution within 1 week prior to arrival. Any dogs not treated will be treated by TBK at the cost of the owner.

(c) TBK reserves the right to refuse any dog/s without reason.

4. Veterinary Treatment

If, in the opinion of TBK, or its servants or agents, a dog requires any veterinary treatment whatsoever, while under the care of TBK, then the following provisions shall apply;

  1. Except in the case of an emergency where time and circumstances do not permit, TBK will attempt to contact the Owner or the Owner’s Emergency Contact. If neither the Owner nor the Owner’s Emergency Contact can be contacted or, if one or more of them is contacted but is unwilling to make a decision in respect of veterinary treatment and TBK will not be liable for any loss suffered as a result of any such decision.
  2. If reasonably practicable, and if the Usual Vet mentioned in Part B (“the Usual Vet”), agrees to render his or her account direct to the Owner, then TBK will engage the services of the Usual Vet and in doing so, will be acting as the Owner’s agent.
  3. If the Usual Vet is unavailable or unwilling to invoice the Owner directly or, in TBK’s absolute discretion, it is impracticable to take the dog to the usual vet, then TBK may engage a veterinarian of its choice to treat the dog.
  4. The Owner will, on demand, reimburse TBK for all veterinary, pharmaceutical and out of pocket costs whatsoever, incurred by TBK in respect of the dog.
  5. The Owner will, on demand, pay TBK for transport of the dog, to and from a veterinarian, at the same rate charged by TBK from time to time, for pick up and delivery of dog/s.
  6. TBK will make reasonable attempts to contact the Owner or the Owner’s Emergency Contact to obtain instructions concerning the treatment of the dog.

5. Payment of Fees.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, all fees are payable in advance, on or before the dog’s arrival at TBK, and the following provisions shall apply:

  • Boarding rates are charged on a full calender day basis irrespective of the time of admission or departure.
  • The dog/s shall not leave TBK untill all fees, disbursments and out of pocket expenses incurred by TBK (including boarding fees, veterinary expenses, special services required by the owner, transport costs and any other charges incurred) have been paid or reimbursed by the Owner in full.
  • Any costs incurred by TBK in recovering or attempting to recover any outstanding monies including but not limited to debt collection agency fees, solicitor fees and court costs shall be paid by the Owner.
  • TBK may exercise a lien on the dog/s until the owner has paid all unpaid charges pursuant to the Contract.
  • The Owner will pay TBK interest on all outstanding accounts at a rate of  8% per annum calculated from the date of TBK’s invoice.
  • Time booked for a dog shall be paid for by the Owner whether utilised or not.

6. Failure to Collect the Dog

If the Dog/s is not collected within 14 days of the Department Date in Port C, and the Owner fails to make arrangements satisfactory to TBK for an extension of the dog/s stay, then TBK may, as the Owner’s agent, sell the dog/s as TBK sees fit, and apply the proceeds of the sale in reduction of its fees and disbursements.

7. Release and Indemnity

  1. The Owner releases TBK, its employees, agents and servants from all liability in respect of the death of, injury to, illness of or loss of the dog and any consequential losses flowing there from and indemnifies TBK, its servants and agents and will keep them indemnified against any claim in relation to any such death, injury, illness, loss of or consequential losses there from.
  2. The Owner will indemnify TBK, its servants or agents and keep them indemnified against all claims by any third party arising from the dog’s behaviour while in TBK’s custody or control.