What Services we provide.              

Housing for dogs Ticketyboo   We provide approved shire kennel housing.


Our purpose built Kennels are designed to reduce noise and keep your dog free from intimidation whilst having a stress free time away. Every dogs gets ………….clean, fresh water and bedding in those purpose built Kennels which have insulated 5m x 1.5m internal walls. Outdoor grassed area’s to each kennel are also 5m x 1.5m.

 Medication administered at Ticketyboo KennelsMedication Administration

If your dog requires medication while your away Ticketyboo will be happy to administer this medication. All medications are given as per your instruction. These specific medications need to be provided by the dogs owner.

   Pick up and Delivery servicePick up and delivery service by Ticketyboo.

If time is a factor of concern. The staff at Ticketyboo will pick up or drop off your dog. The costs are;  $1.25 per kilometre from kennel & return (both ways). The additional charges can be added to the boarding fee. Bookings are essential.

     Boarding rates at Ticketyboo Rates

$36 per calendar day per dog.

$27 per additional dog from the same family.                $50 per day for bitches in season per dog

Seniors with a concession card can request a 10%                                                 discount.

10% deposit is required on booking which is non refundable.

  Feeding  Only the best food is given to your dog

Ticketyboo focuses on providing everything your dog needs backed by solid research. The kennels provide the Black Hawk range of dog food. This includes the 10 different varieties of dog feed. If you want to bring your own dog food you can do that too.

                                   Water Play
Water play at Ticketyboo Kennels

Paddle Pools are provided in Summer at present and there is time to have fun with running after a directed force of water through a hose especially when hot…

…….Focus is on continual upgrades at the center which aim to provide a greater range of water play facilities in the future. We know that some dogs love to play with water and we facilitate so they can enjoy this during your dogs stay here at Ticketyboo.

 ExcerciseExercise is playtime for dogs

Daily walks . There is ‘free’ time in the compound. If the situation is appropriate……..

the dogs get to play with other dog’s under supervision. All dogs are provided with toys. It is advised for owners to bring their favourite toy or blanket as this provides for extra comfort.