Dog worming

When is the Best time to worm your Dog?

Handy trick is to set one day of the month aside for using an easy droplet form of wormer to apply to the back of your dogs neck. Part the hair and apply the measured dose and your dog just knows he has had a pat.

No issues. Go to your local vet for advice.

Hello fellow dog lover’s

Welcome to Ticketyboo’s new webstie.

Everyone loves going on Holidays but the preparation before you go can often be quite stressful – not to mention the decision of where your beloved dog or dogs will be safe and sound until you return.

Then consider Ticketyboo. We are found in Acton Park, a popular rural area just outside of Busselton. Ticketyboo is located on 100 acres of beautiful farming country. Nice and quite with plenty of fresh air.

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